About Us

All4Women focuses on improving and providing nutrition and healthcare services for the Cameroon's most vulnerable, especially pregnant women and girls. This includes helping more pregnant women and their unborn and newborns receive access to essential health care services, medicines and other commodities, including vitamins and minerals.

Story of Creation

From her personal story, the founder was tested with Gestational diabetes during her pregnancy and was placed on insulin and diet which prevented her baby from growing with too much weight and subsequent delivery through operation. This is one aspect our community neglects and a lot of women deliver through CS. In Cameroon, women are also delivered of stillborn and also die during child birth because of lack of sensitization and good healthcare advice on what to do and not to during pregnancy coupled with the fact, that they cannot afford the bills for good or better medical attention. From research, our community also lacks good medical apparels which could help dictate defects during pregnancy such as; Down syndrome kidney defects spin defects, heart defects and others during pregnancy. This is why we need to rise up as one to help reduce the death rate during pregnancy and child birth and promote healthy pregnancy and healthy living conditions for pregnant women, mothers, girls and children in Cameroon.

OUR Values

Transperancy, equal opportunity for all, Love, Respect and Integrity.

Our Vision

A Cameroon where pregnancy, child birth and children’s wellbeing will be a thing of joy for women, mothers, girls and children, free from pregnancy defects, and malnutrition through better healthcare advice and sensitization on nutrition, maternal health issues, and antenatal care services.


To generate, transform and provide free healthcare advice and sensitization to vulnerable Women, especially pregnant women, mothers and girls with little or no income and create awareness on healthy pregnancy, nutrition and children’s wellbeing, by promoting and improving their nutritional status and bring light with prominent solutions to gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, pregnancy defects and others.


To be a leader in finding and scalingsolutions to pregnancy defects, nutrition and the safety of children through;

  • Coverage: Delivering free and high-impacted healthcare advice and sensitization, especially to pregnant Women, Mother, Girls and Children in Cameroon.
  • Leverage: Integrating healthcare advice, assistance and nutrition across sectors to maximize impact and ensure there are no missed opportunities.
  • Influence: Utilizing research, technical and health assistance, advocacy and partnerships with national and international health actors to improve policies, programs and resources for healthcare services and nutrition



Human Rights and Peace Education

Our projects or workshops are founded on human rights education and practices. We educate and sensitize women and communities on practicesviolating the fundamental human rights of pregnant women, mothers, girls and children in Cameroon.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Through our workshops, we inform, educate and empower the women and girls about the SDGs, its impact on sustainable development and women can become champions of the SDGs in Cameroon.


There are several ways you can help safe a mother and the unborn child in Cameroon, by donating, sharing the page and volunteering. Remember! Children are gifts from God and our future support system. We need them to be born healthy and strong!


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